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Wingshooting Safaris

World Safari Xpeditions offers a diverse and exciting wingshooting opportunities around the world.

Feel the heart stopping flush of francolin and guinea fowl driven by a line of chanting African beaters, or join the hot barrel excitement in Argentina and Uruguay, home to the finest high volume dove shooting in the world - fast action.

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Namibia possesses a treasure trove of game to be hunted in pristine wilderness locations. This is a fact that has not been missed by dozens of wingshooters that land at Windhoek airport every day.

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South Africa

From the rain fields in fertile valleys and majestic soaring mountains with crystal clear waters, to the warm endless savannahs, the concessions of Africa provide some of the most unique and thrilling sport in the world. South Africa's large variety of game birds include guinea fowl, francolin, sand grouse, partridge and many species of dove, pigeon, geese and duck.

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