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    Bad day for Bears

    Father and son team, Gary and John Ashmead, have taken two bears in the last twenty four hours at Whiteswan Lake Outfitters in Canada. 

    Latest 'hot spot' to hunt

    Ian Head has just returned from SCI Las Vegas with some RED HOT specials for hunting in South Africa and Zimbabwe this season.  He also reports that the latest 'hot spot' for hunting is Zambia - fortunately we have two Outfitters there.  Contact Ian for further information.  

    Triple Cat Hunt

    Andrew Connors had a hard Cougar hunt with Whiteswan Lake Outfitters in British Columbia and then took a huge 24lb. Bobcat and a Lynx the following day.

    Australian Cull Hunt

    A milestone birthday was celebrated with friends on a cull hunt out of Darwin with Unique Adventures.  Hunters - Michael Gibbs, Geoff Rodgers and Greg Cain.

    Another fantastic Cape Buffalo

    Another fantastic Cape Buffalo taken at Tshipise Safaris in South Africa.  Mario Mori on his third hunt with Tshipise Safaris - another great hunt.  Trophies -  Cape Buffalo, cull buffalo cow, Warthog, Bushbuck, Honey Badger and Jackel.

    Last Moose of the season

    Chris Dalbosco took this great trophy Moose on the last day of the season at Whiteswan Lake Outfitters in cold and snowy British Columbia.

    First Moose of the season

    Tim Reeve took this great trophy on the first day of Moose Hunting with Whiteswan Lake Outfitters in British Columbia.

    Argentina Bird Shoot

    Return visit to Argentina Safaris and another great shoot for the Tingay family - photos speak for themselves.

    Bec Brammer hunts South Africa

    It doesn’t matter how much you read or how many people you talk to you can never truly understand something until you have witnessed or experienced it firsthand.

    After a recent trip I can now say that I am lucky enough to have seen how hunting in South Africa benefits the wildlife, the people and the country as a whole. Coming into the trip I hadn't realised that in South Africa there is very little public land where animals can live. The small amount of land that does exist is heavily poached, so heavily that the animal numbers are almost non-existent. Unfortunately I learned that the poaching can be just as bad on the Private Game Reserves.

    What do people envision when you say South African Hunting Property? I've heard all sorts of terms used by the media, hunters and the general public. Things like 'canned hunt' and 'shooting fish in a barrel' come to mind. People think high fences, paddocks, pens, enclosures, small areas, even tame animals. Well that wasn't my experience.

    Read Bec's full story on her South African hunting experience and her thoughts on conservation:

    Grizzly and Black Bear Hunting in Canada

    Hi Ian and Chris,

    Just a note to let you  know that my twelve day grizzly hunt in British Columbia with Whiteswan lake outfitters has just been completed. Hunting out of Cranbrook near Whiteswan Lake was certainly a picturesque location to hunt Grizzly in the amazing Rockies.


    Not much happened on the first day with just a couple of black bears showing themselves whilst eating the lush green pick along the roadside. On the second day Tim, the co-owner of Whiteswan, walked up a quiet lonely road which led to a good feeding area that grizzlies often inhabit. He found good signs on the road so up the hill for evening was the plan .The evening seems to be much more productive in relation to bear hunting. Walking in single file about two ks up the road Daryl suddenly stopped and signaled to get to the roads edge. A grizzly's head appeared around the corner looking slightly wary. After what seemed like an eternity it stepped out and began grazing on high protein green pick on the roads edge. At thirty three yards it was the most amazing sight I have ever witnessed - the bears silver tipped shoulders, chocolate brown legs with long white claws and brown hump stood out in the soft afternoon sun. Looking back at Daryl he gave the nod to touch the trigger on the 300wsm.  A few seconds pause and the money shot was on its way and the trophy of a lifetime was on the ground.


    Much back slapping and elation at getting me a grizzly really showed on the faces of these fantastic working guides.  Their enthusiasm to get results was contagious. Everybody hooked in and we soon had the magnificent cape in Tim’s pack ready for the walkout. Daryl asked for my grizzly tag and honors were performed. The walk back down the mountain was a reflective and euphoric occasion, was this the pinnacle of my hunting life?


    I am often asked when in my hunting room, ' which is your favorite trophy'?  I think my thoughts will always drift back to the wild strawberries flowering high above the Kootenay river, the Rockies capped in snow reaching to the sky with the trophy of a lifetime standing on that grassy road.  Thanks go to Ian and Chris of World Safari Expeditions for their flawless organization which always makes the journey so smooth.  A special thanks to Daryl, Tim ,Cody and Joyce from Whiteswan Lake Outfitters who made my dream a reality -  they are true hardworking hunters.


    Their warmth, and desire to get results, is infectious and will stay with me always


    Thanks to all “The Grey Ghost”. Southern NSW