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‘The first thing a gent should do if he is safari-minded, is put himself in the hands of an established firm with a reputation to maintain.’ Robert Ruark


    Anti Poaching and Conservation in Zambeze Delta Safaris

    I urge you all to read this positive article in National Geographic Magazine regarding the relocation of 24 lions to Zambeze Delta Safaris in Coutada 11, Mozambique.  Hunters really do care about conservation and animals:

    Game Hunting - Argentina

    Repeat client Jade Sarah hunted for the first time in Argentina taking a Blackbuck, Multihorn and Axis deer (as well as some varmint hunting in the evenings).  It was a cultural experience as well as a hunt.  Traditional Argentinian bar-b-ques and daily dishes often made from the animals hunted was a highlight.

    Happy Cat Hunter

    A happy Gary Ashmead on his third hunt with Whiteswan Lake Outfitters - a nice big Cougar.

    Massive Eland - Namibia

    Repeat client Sam Broinowski hunted with Schalk Pienaar Safaris in Namibia. A 10Kl tracking hunt over the Kalahari sand was rewarded with a massive 12-year-old Eland - a hunt to remember.  Also taken a beautiful 44" Sable, a Burchell Zebra and a Duiker.


    Long time client of World Safari Xpeditions Brian (Wato) Watson hunted at Kushjuna Lodge with African Safari Trails in Namibia.

    46.5" Sable - Namibia

    Mario Mori hunted plains game with African Safari Trails at their Kashjuna Hunting Lodge in Namibia.  He was thrilled with this amazing 46.5"Sable.

    Zimbabwe Buffalo hunt

    Hunting with MJK Safaris, Bryan Thomson shot this fantastic Buffalo in the Omay Safari area in the north of Zimbabwe.  Bryan and brother Nigel also competed at the International Competition shoot in Pretoria.

    Hippo hunt - Zimbabwe

    Nigel Thomson traveled a long way to hunt this hippo with MJK Safaris.  After arriving in Bulawayo his was an eight hour drive to the far north to hunt in the Zambezi Valley.

    Plains game hunt in South Africa

    John Murphy hunted Zebra, Springbok and Duiker with our newest Outfitter Royal Karoo Safaris in South Africa. 

    Black Powder Buffalo Hunt

    Hunting with Royal Karoo Safaris in South Africa, Bob Christopher downed a Cape Buffalo with a William Beattie 8Bore hammer S/S underlever double black powder rifle.