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‘The first thing a gent should do if he is safari-minded, is put himself in the hands of an established firm with a reputation to maintain.’ Robert Ruark

About Us


World Safari Xpeditions evolved, primarily, to assist hunters realise their dreams.

After my first safari in Africa, over 25 years ago, I was inundated by like-minded people who wanted to travel to hunt, but didn’t know where to start in regards to permits and the legalities involved. The complexities have changed greatly in the intervening years, and we have become more aware of the fragility of our planet and the footprint we leave.  I personally have learned a great deal about conservation and preservation of species from first hand observation. In the years that I have spent in the varying countries of the African continent,  I have been privileged to actually LIVE amongst the animals and people for extended periods. I consider myself as a traditional, country hunter/gatherer, who was raised hunting game and fishing to supplement what was put on the table. I guess you could say that was SUSTAINABLE HUNTING for its time, when meat for the family was a luxury.

In all the areas that we hunt in Africa the same still applies. Whatever is shot is used by the local people… nothing is wasted, it is either used as a traditional resource and/or, food for the families.

Local people also have the benefit of employment, many in remote areas where there would not be any other option available to them. This allows them to stay in their traditional areas, feed their families and learn skills in a variety of fields from hunting to eco-tourism. Water supply and local schools are supplemented by the income generated by the outfitters. 

Over the past years WSX has also made it our aim to educate and encourage our hunting groups to add on a period of their trip to experience the environment and the wildlife on a photographic/game viewing only side trip. We use a company who are totally conservation/preservation only, allowing our guests to really experience Africa up close and very 'personally'. This company is passionate about the education of both the people of Africa and those of us who visit.

There are varying arguments, from both sides, statistics that are 'balanced' to suit both sides, and emotions run high when the subject of sustainable hunting is raised. It is vitally important to understand that sustainable hunting is a way to preserve species and habitat for the future… It can be done and must be done to give a 'value' to all species of animals on our planet and put an end to poaching for a select few who gain from the illegal trade and useless slaughter.  Hunting funds anti -poaching and helps educate people to only use licensed, professional outfitters.


World Safari Xpeditions only use outfitters, who practice sustainable hunting ethics. All animals, whether it be game or birds, are utilized for the benefit of the local community and the conservation of those species.

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