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Big Game Safaris

World Safari Xpeditions offers diverse and exciting big game hunting safaris around the world. Whether it's the unforgettable thrill of hunting the Big Five in Africa, tracking grizzly's in the pristine Canadian wilderness or cutting the trail of the elusive chamois in the majestic southern alps of New Zealand, we specialise in tailoring a unique, unforgettable safari experience for all our clients. World Safari Xpeditions take care of all the details so all you have to do is show up for your trip of a lifetime.

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Experience the outback pioneer spirit with 'mates' who love a beer and a good yarn. The Northern Territory's largely uninhabited Top End, with it's huge tidal rivers, estuaries, many coastal islands and its vast flood plains, has become home to magnificent buffalo, banteng and huge boar. Also available in the real outback (way outback!), we offer ferral animal management hunts.

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With 17 big game species, enormous expanses of uninhabited areas, vast open pampas and a surprisingly low cost, Argentina is fast becoming one of the premium hunting destinations in the world.

Argentina is a place where hunters can acquire a great collection of trophies in one trip. Arrive via Beunos Aires, the gateway to Argentina - an elegant, seductive place with a ragged edge, laced with old world languor and yet full of contemporary attitude - BA is unlike any other city in the world.

" the vastness of these lands, the hunt gets really wild. The unpredictable nature intensifies the senses to the maximum."

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Cameroon is often referred to as 'Little Africa' due to its diversity of habitat including rainforest, forest glades with savannah and savannah with bush veld. It's a historically significant hunting destination and one where you are certain to discover the ancient atmosphere of Africa.

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The enormity of the Canadian wilderness is breathtaking. Hunt, fish, rest and relax and enjoy the pure and unpolluted serenity and beauty of this pristine wilderness.There is nothing like the tracks of a large bear to quicken the blood and heighten the senses - try combining a black bear hunt with a 'King of the Forest' grizzly hunt.

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Mozambique is one of the last remaining pieces of a timeless African era, with endless open, unspoiled plains. Big and wild, Mozambique will give you a 'back in the day' safari experience, and is also a safe and stable destination.

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For the discerning trophy hunter there are several countries on the African continent that, because of unique species, constitute a very special destination. Namibia is one, offering the diversity of the entire continent within the borders of a single country.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for its hunting regions and the majestic southern alps offer some of the world's finest wild game species, including tsar, chamois and red stag.

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South Africa

South Africa is a fine place to start off on your first African safari and a great stepping stone before going after the Big Five. It's easily accessible with daily flights from most of the world's major centres. Boasting more huntable species than any other country in the world, South Africa is perfect for a short hunt in one area or a safari covering all of South Africa's diverse habitats.

South Africa operates on a theory of sustainable game utilisation.

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A recent addition to the safari hunting world, Uganda has only fairly recently been opened up to hunting. In bygone years Uganda was regarded as one of the top hunting destinations in Africa.

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World Safari Xpeditions only use professional hunters who practice sustainable hunting ehtics. For your tailor made safari, contact us.

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