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Wingshooting South Africa

South Africa offers more huntable species of game than anywhere else in the world

From the rain fields in fertile valleys and majestic soaring mountains with crystal clear waters, to the warm endless savannahs, the concessions of Africa provide some of the most unique and thrilling sport in the world. South Africa's large variety of game birds include guinea fowl, francolin, sand grouse, partridge and many species of dove, pigeon, geese and duck.

Guinea fowl and francolin are driven with the use of chanting African beaters...don't be surprised if warthog and kudu show up during the drive.

Pigeon and dove are shot flighted from butts. These birds will keep the best shot humble as they rocket over your butt in their hundreds.

The main wingshooting season for South Africa is May through to September.


The hunting season coincides with the South African winter which is dry and most of the vegetation has been frosted off and is generally a khaki colour. SA uses only 200 volts electrical appliances. Laundry is done each day except for the days we change camp and the day of departure.

  • Warm jacket
  • Warm sweater
  • 2 sets of casual evening or travel wear
  • Walking boots & sneakers for hunting
  • 1 hat or cap and a woollen hat
  • 3 khaki shirts, long & short sleeves
  • 3 khaki trousers
  • Khaki shorts if hunting in a hot area
  • 4 pairs warm socks
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent
  • Personal camera equipment, binoculars, flash light
  • Soft gun slip
  • Malaria tablets if you're hunting in a malaria area

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