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Eduard Gonzales


Eduardo Gonzales has been running dove, duck and partridge hunts for over 25 years. Eduardo has one of the best kennels of Brittanys in Uruguay. His dog work is well known, with some of his dogs having worked for ESPN channel.




Perziz and dove hunting at Santa Elena: We have over 600,000 acres of pastures available and exclusive for Santa Elens hunters offering high volume perdiz hunting. On a normal morning, two hunters, a dog and a guide can expect to flush out 30 - 50 perdiz in two hours of easy walk from camp. In the afternoon, you will hunt dove going to roost. You can expect to shoot 1,000 to 1,500 shells in an afternoon.

Duck and partridge hunting: Situated in the rice area in the province of Rocha, the main duck hunted is the rosy billed pochard as well as 6 other species. You will have no trouble shooting four boxes of shells in a morning's hunt, while in the afternoon it will be partridge over pointer dogs.

Pigeon hunting at La Tany Lodge: 80 miles from the capital Montevideo, you will shoot pigeons over decoys within 40 minutes drive from the lodge. 


Beautiful Santa Elena Lodge was built in 1806 and is a true Uruguayan Estancia. The lodge is large with 13 bedrooms, dining room, living room, bar, gun room, swimming pool and indoor and outdoor barbecues. It boasts the finest food in all Uruguay with excellent local wines served with each meal.

The stunningly, richly decorated old castle/ hotel, Fortin de San Miguel, is located on a hill top in the heart of the best duck hunting in Uruguay. Twenty nicely decorated rooms have panoramic views over lagoons holding thousands of migratory ducks. Eduardo's personal chef will prepare your meals accompanied with local wines.

A beautiful five bedroom home with stunning sea views, La Tany Lodge is located in Punta Ballena. Situated on a hill top, as close to world class pigeon hunting as it is possible, this is the Uruguayan Riviera.

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