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Wingshooting Alaska

World class hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing and much more...

No other place name in Alaska invokes the mystery, adventure and excitement of Kodiak! The name conjures up images of pristine, expansive vistas with deep blue coastal inlets and clear cold salmon streams teeming with fish. Sepia tone images of natives hunting whales in skin boats and etchings of early Russian explorers and fur traders come to mind.

The adventure still remains with modern day hunters experiencing the same raw beauty and bountiful wildlife of their predecessors.


The weather in Alaska is unpredictable no matter what time of year you visit. It can be unseasonably warm, cols, wet or dry, so prepare for the unexpected. Dressing in layers is imperative for comfort, for example, while hunting you might shed layers while climbing up to a higher elevation, but put them back on once you reach the spot you intend to sit and glass for game.

  • Good hiking boots (leather or ankle fit knee high rubber boots)
  • For duck hunters, Neoprene waders are warm and comfortable, but hip boots or even knee high rubber boots will be sufficient
  • 1 heavy jacket
  • 1 Polypro pullover or wool sweater
  • 2 to 3 warm shirts
  • 1 turtleneck shirt
  • 1 under shirt per day
  • 1 packable rainsuit
  • 2 pairs long underwear, top & bottom
  • 4 pairs warm socks
  • 2 pairs hunting trousers
  • Warm hunting hat
  • A variety of gloves
  • Casual travel clothes

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