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Classic Arnhem Land Safaris

Traditional Old Style Safaris - Genuine Arnhem Land Wilderness. Professional Fully Licensed - Territory's Best Buffalo Hunting.

For the Australian Hunter. Experience close up Buffalo hunting in true Arnhem Land wilderness. Load up your 375 H&H, 416 Rigby or 470 Nitro . . .!  We have stopped many charges to the death on huge Buffalo that absorb a lot of energy, so only tough bullets please. Prime time only June, July, August.  Note:  This is NOT a ranch hunt, NOT a wet coastal plains or swamp hunt.  NO helicopters.  NO quads.  No gates.  No fences.  NO BS.  This is true Aboriginal owned CENTRAL Arnhem Land Wilderness, 20 years in this area, there is no better.  Our long term NLC license concessions have rich soils and good grasses, thus highly productive.  You will see many quality Buffalo bulls on a real safari to be proud of, in scenic rolling grassy hills, escarpment country, and stalking the thick brush on the edge of springs, creeks and rivers ..! Looking ahead through thick bush for that black ear twitching, the egrets, the grass moving or dust from hooves – raise your binos, that’s the one. Huge thick black horns. Stay hidden, load the chamber slowly and quietly. Now close the gap, the wind is good, every step silent, just the sound of your heart thumping as the massive Buffalo shape gets closer and bigger.


2 x Buffalo, 5 day hunt, Price 2 x $8,500 each

Arrive Day 1, Hunt 5 days, Depart Day 7

1 x Trophy size Buffalo bull over 90SCI, 1 x Managemtn mature Buffalo bull.

HUNT PRICE INCLUDES:  5 full guided hunt days, 1x Trophy size Buffalo Bull, 1x Non trophy size Buffalo bull.  NCL access permit, Tent accommodation, quality meals and cool drinks in hunt area, Skull or shoulder mount field prep, cleaning and salting of 1x trophy per hunter.

EXTRA COSTS:  Share of Charter plane.  Must be minimum of two people.  $750 in max, $750 out max per person.  Shared so might be less.  Alcohol - must be bought by outfitter, order in advance.  Freight - transport of trophies to your home or taxidermist.

ADDITIONAL TROPHY FEES:  Trophy Buffalo Bull $2,500 (over 90SCI points).  Scrub Bull $950.  Non Trophy Buffalo Bull or cow $1,250.  Wild Boar $190 (not many in area).

NOTE:  Deposit of $1,500 with reserve dates.  Full payment to be made 8 weeks before hunt.  All hunt payment Non Refundable.  GST included.  SSAA Insurance, and Booking form required.  Arrive day 1, depart day 7.  Old style safari camp 9'x9' canvas tents, canvas shower bag and surround, portable flush toilet, (no daily laundry service).  Guiding and all duties by 1 guide.  Caping etc will take up hunt time so we limit 1x cape per hunter.  (If time a 2nd cape fee is $300 or 2nd skull fee $150).  We have a Liquor permit for Arnhem land and we must transport your drinks in.  Buffalo hunting is hot, hard and dusty.  We do 4-5km morning and afternoon hunt walks, so you must do some training with your rifle, day pack, water, etc.  Drive and shorter walks is available for older persons.  We prefer 338WM as minimum calibre.

Book your Buffalo hunting safari now.  If you wish to share a hunt we can assist with finding the other hunter.  For dates or questions, please talk to Ian Head.


'Classic Old Style Safaris - Genuine Arnhem Land Wilderness'


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