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Classic Arnhem Land Safaris

Traditional Old Style Safaris - Genuine Arnhem Land Wilderness. Professional Fully Licensed - Territory's Best Buffalo Hunting.


Experience close up Buffalo hunting in true Arnhem Land wilderness. Load up you 375 H&H, 416 Rigby or 470 Nitro . . .! Huge Buffalo absorb a lot of energy, so only tough bullets please. Look ahead through thick bush for that black ear twitching, the egrets, the grass moving or dust from hooves – raise your binos, that’s the one. Huge thick black horns. Stay hidden, load the chamber slowly and quietly. Now close the gap, the wind is good, every step silent, just the sound of your heart thumping as the massive Buffalo shape gets closer and bigger! We have 20 years’ experience in correctly NLC licenced in Aboriginal owned Central Arnhem Land – there is no better place. This is NOT a cattle ranch hunt – no wet coastal plains or swamps, no helicopters, no quads and no fences. Our areas have rich soils and good grasses and are highly productive.

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