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Reserve La Colorada

With 17 big game species, enormous expanses of uninhabited areas, vast open pampas and a surprisingly low cost, Argentina is fast becoming one of the premium hunting destinations in the world.

Argentina is a place where hunters can acquire a great collection of trophies in one trip. Arrive via Beunos Aires, the gateway to Argentina - an elegant, seductive place with a ragged edge, laced with old world languor and yet full of contemporary attitude - BA is unlike any other city in the world.

" the vastness of these lands, the hunt gets really wild. The unpredictable nature intensifies the senses to the maximum."


La Colorada-Argentina Safaris, SRL is a hunting company with over 19 years experience in selling and organising hunting expeditions & was founded in 1997 by Luis Bertone. Luis is a professional hunter and has a degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Finance. Reserva La Colorada is one of the most renowned hunting ranches in Argentina.


Argentina Safaris offer 17 big game species including red, axis and fallow deer, Russian boar, puma, blackbuck, water buffalo and a variety of sheep and goat. The province of la Pampa is a large plain covered mostly in forests of native caldenes, making it an ideal habitat for species such as red deer, wild boar, puma and a variety of small game. Since 2002 more than 50 top ten animals have been taken in this area with consistent quality year after year.


La Colorada Chalet is a purpose built five star lodge situated 50 miles from Santa Rosa. The chalet comprises eight luxury rooms and one exclusive suite. Other first class lodges, quality country houses or hotels are available depending on the areas you wish to hunt.


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For your tailor made safari at La Colorada, contact us. To see more, visit the Argentina Safaris website.

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