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El Carrizal

With 17 big game species, enormous expanses of uninhabited areas, vast open pampas and a surprisingly low cost, Argentina is fast becoming one of the premium hunting destinations in the world.

Argentina is a place where hunters can acquire a great collection of trophies in one trip. Arrive via Beunos Aires, the gateway to Argentina - an elegant, seductive place with a ragged edge, laced with old world languor and yet full of contemporary attitude - BA is unlike any other city in the world.

" the vastness of these lands, the hunt gets really wild. The unpredictable nature intensifies the senses to the maximum."


After many years in business, Luis Bertone (La Colorada) and Carlos Torriglia (Pampa Outfitters) decided to launch this new project, specifically to avoid long travelling times between good hunting areas. El Carrizal, with its amazing lodge has it all!

El Carrizal is endowed with an enormous variety of game, a rich hunting heritage and breathtaking landscapes. The ranch is managed by the owners with professionalism and attention to detail. At El Carrizal hunters will find the perfect backdrop for the hunt of a lifetime. And equally important, they´ll find the camaraderie and friendship of true hunters.


Luis Bertone and Carlos Torriglia have found the best area in Argentina for both excellent waterfowl and hunting. Perdiz, European hare and pigeon are also abundant in the area. Adding a Big Game hunt to your wing shooting is possible at El Carrazel. Species like red stag, European wild boar, water buffalo and blackbuck are available at the ranch, 10 minutes drive from the lodge.


The newly built lodge offers world class accommodation & is located 1.5 hours by road from Santa Rosa and Bahia Blanca Airports. El Carrizal is a 12 room luxury lodge located in the main dove and waterfowl territory of Southern Buenos Aires and La Pampa provinces. The Lodge was specifically designed by hunters - for hunters. Large and spacious dining and two comfortable living areas allow a warm and friendly atmosphere.


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For your tailor made safari at El Carrizal, contact us. To see more, visit the El Carrizal website.

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