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Cameroon Hunting Adventures

Cameroon is often referred to as 'Little Africa' due to its diversity of habitat including rainforest, forest glades with savannah and savannah with bush veld. It's a historically significant hunting destination and one where you are certain to discover the ancient atmosphere of Africa.


Cameroon Hunting Adventures is a joint operation between Mike Currie and Glen and Mark Haldane, who have a combined 65 years experience in the hunting industry, and have hunted most of the Southern and East African Countries.

In an attempt to offer our clients a continued level of professionalism that they have become accustomed to, they decided to expend into the Cameroon. Mike has 10 years of extensive first hand hunting experience and camp management in the area, which has allowed access to the finest concessions and hunting blocks available. There is also a team of 11 dedicated full time guides, all with heaps of dangerous game experience who are happiest when they are in the field hunting.


Savannah - The savannahs of the Cameroon are found in the North Central part of the country and all safaris begin and end in the town of Garoua, an easy commercial flight away from Douala. Within a four hour drive of the town we encounter some of the most diverse and game rich areas of central Africa. The hunting season in the savannah is during the dry time of the year which commences in mid December and ends towards the end of March. In the early season day time temperatures are quite pleasant, with an average high in the 90f, later it can be extremely hot with temps often close to the 100f mark.

The areas play host to a wide variety of game. The most impressive animals to be found are undoubtedly the Lord Derby Eland, which ranks among Africa's best. Also found in large numbers are the Western Roan and North Western Buffalo, Harnessed Bushbuck, Red Flanked Duikers and Sing Sing Waterbuck along the riverine areas. The palins and more open savannah plays host to Western Hartebeest, Western Kob, Bohor Reedbuck and Oribi. The Giant Topi or Korrigum can also be found in certain areas.

Forest - Hunting areas of the Cameroon forests are found in the far south east, and are true Tarzan country, playing host to gorilla and chimpanzee. Hunting takes place during the 'short rains,' which run from April through to the end of July. These rains encourage the animals to leave the forests & move out into clearings and roads to dry off and escape the constant water dripping in the forests, where we track them.

Hunting is achieved with the help of Pygmy trackers, species include Bongo, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Forest Sitatungas and Giant Forest Hog, which are very elusive. The most common Duikers are Blue, Peter's, Bay and Yellow Backed. Ogilby, Gabon and Black Fronted Duikers are also present, but hunted on a chance encounter. We track the bigger animals, and the smaller Druikers are 'called' in by the Pygmies, who imitate a distress call using their noses.

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Savannah Camps:

Our hunting camps follow the traditional safari style trend, with permanent structures built overlooking rivers. Clients have their own private quarters with a double or single bed and ensuite bathroom. The bathroom has hot and cold running water, showers and basins and flushable toilets. Evening conversation takes place around the fire, with the sounds of the night making a fantastic back drop. Dining takes place in a central Bukaro or Lapa.

Forest Camps:

Forest camps are comprised of cabins built from local timber, with each client having their own private room with ensuite bathroom. Mosquito nets are provided. Evenings are spent in an undercover lounge listening to the sounds of the night and hoping for rain and dining takes place in the central dining area.



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